Leveraging Diversity While Interviewing

Posted by Tech Connection on April 24, 2016

Many companies are looking for diverse talent to bring their ideas to life. As corporations add more perspectives at the table they are able to create more innovative products. Diversity can actually help you gain an edge on your competition during the interview process. So what can you do to use diversity to your advantage?

  1. Add your diversity professional organizations to your resume and LinkedIn.

    We all know that making an assumption based off of your name does not correlate to whether or not you may be a diversity candidate. For example, the name Alex James is ambiguous. Adding diverse professional organizations to your resume will help make it obvious to recruiters that you’re a diversity candidate.
  2. Show your leadership positions outside of work.

    Employers love to see people that are taking the initiative to solve problems in their community. Problem solving is the root of every business. Corporations create products that solve problems. Showing how you created a solution for your community demonstrates your ability to lead, learn, create and innovate.
  3. Explain how your community might use their product.

    Employers are looking for new ways to apply their product.
    "How your community might use their product may be something they have never thought of before. Like, who knew that people carry hot sauce in their bag? Now, tabasco makes pocket size bottles of hot sauce."
    This is also a great way to demonstrate your unique ideas and the value that you bring to the company.

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