Why do people leave Fortune 500 Companies to work for a startup?

Posted by Tech Connection on August 22, 2016

Most college graduates chase the prestige and salary of Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft or Google. However, some college graduates have been opting to work for startup companies after they’ve landed that seemingly perfect job. So, what’s so good about working for a startup company?

  1. You can have a greater impact in the company.

    As a worker in a startup, you’ll more than likely be a part of a relatively small community of people. This means that your job probably won’t have just one tedious task for you to complete day-in and day-out. For example, if you’re working as a software engineer, you may also be making the majority of the decisions for the Technology or IT Department. It’ll look great on your resume that you were a decision maker for your company and not just an employee who did the grunt work.
  2. You can work with innovators of the industry.

    Working for a startup means that you’ll be working with very passionate and talented individuals. After all, no startup company can get off the ground with a mediocre staff. So, rest assured that the staff that this company has hired is equipped with the talent and credentials that are necessary to build a successful company. You’ll be able to learn practical and technical skills just from working with these individuals.
  3. You’ll see your ideas come to life quickly.

    One of the best parts of working for a startup company is that there’s not as much “red tape” as there would be for a larger company. Since the company is still relatively small, ideas and projects travel through the pipeline relatively quickly and smoothly. You can communicate your ideas to your boss much more easily because they’re probably one desk or a quick IM, away.

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