Things I wish I knew when I graduated

Posted by Tech Connection on June 04, 2016

  1. Follow your curiosity.

    Even if you have a plan mapped out in your head for your career, be open to straying off that path. Your curiosity can lead you to a great career opportunity and allow you to explore your strengths and weaknesses like you wouldn’t have, had you stuck to your plan. So, if you’re interested in something that you think is out of your norm, give it a chance. You never know where a new job or career choice may lead if you’ve never explored.
  2. See every opportunity as a teachable moment.

    Many people like to think of their journey as the “road to success”. Well, in all honesty, it’s more like an obstacle course. So, when you’re faced with adversity and struggles in your career, look for what you can learn from those struggles. When you start viewing every opportunity as a teachable moment, you’ll realize that you’re always a step closer to your goals than you were yesterday.
  3. It may take awhile to land your dream job.

    As a student that is on the verge of graduating or a recent graduate, you may be feeling the pressure to land a full-time job right away. Not having your dream job shouldn’t spell disaster for you. It may take months to land t he job but those months can be spent building your network and your technical skills so that you can keep a job. Make sure that you’re still using your resources and staying connected with a platform that can push you closer to your goals. Stay motivated, build your network, and you will have your dream job in no time.
  4. Be solution-oriented in work.

    Once you do land the job, make sure that you’re seen as a valuable asset to your company. Companies will be quicker to promote you if they feel that you’re a great team player and go above and beyond. So, when your boss comes to you with a task or a challenge, accept it enthusiastically. Then you can get to work on showing your company what you’re made of. Being solution-oriented at work will show that you’re a problem solver and can think proactively to combat problems.

If you need something to help keep you on track with your goals now that you’ve graduated, we’re here for you. Stay connected with us and follow our blog for more tips on what to do post-graduation.