What to do when your parents ask about your career and you don't have one?

Posted by Tech Connection on June 15, 2016

So, you’ve graduated from college and you have that “new graduate” sort of excitement for the future. Then, your parents start asking when you’ll be getting a job and questioning your job search. Here’s how you can keep your parents at bay when you’re on the verge of finding a new job...

  1. Have a specific goal in mind.

    Make sure that you know the specific job and career path you want to take before sitting down to talk with your parents. You may have graduated with a degree in Computer Science or Engineering but you have no idea where you want it to take you. What you enjoy doing is heavily influenced on your personality. Taking a personality test will help narrow your choices so that you know which job you’re best suited to work.
  2. Let your parents know that you have a plan in place.

    When you have a plan for your career, let it be known. Let your parents know. That should help keep their questions at bay for some time while you continue your job search. Let your friends know. Let your old teacher and anyone else in your network know your plan. If you tell your network that you’re interested in a certain type of position, that gives you an opportunity to land your job through people in your circle.
  3. Build your network.

    When it comes to job hunting, your network can never be too big. You’ll want to fill your network with as many employers and recruiters as possible in your relevant work field. Getting connected through PowerUp will do just that. Through this free platform, candidates will be matched with employers and on their way to the perfect tech connection.
  4. Make yourself visible to employers.

    The obvious place to post your resume would be to go to sites like LinkedIn. But, there are always more jobs out there that are not right under your nose. Signing up for PowerUp will give you visibility and more exposure as a candidate in the tech field. You will be linked with an employer that is looking for the exact skills and qualities that you have to offer.

So if you’re ready to get out from being under the stress of your parents, take the next step. Get your future started by signing up for PowerUp. You’ll thank yourself for it later.