Monthly Recap: February 2016

Posted by Tech Connection on March 14, 2016

During the month of February, The Tech Connection reached major milestones. Since February was Black History Month, there were many major events that celebrated diversity as it relates to the black community. Our CEO, Melissa James, spoke during Black Tech Week in Miami, Florida. Black Tech Week is a week-long series of events in Miami celebrating innovators of color during Black History Month. Melissa participated in a Q&A with fellow black leaders and provided insightful advice to candidates looking to ace their interviews. Black Tech Week was a great opportunity to network and we’re excited that The Tech Connection was able to represent all the way in sunny South Florida.

On February 24th, the Black Tech Boston Meetup was held at Spotify Boston headquarters. The meetup was sold out weeks beforehand and a full house was welcomed on the day of the event. Spotify Boston headquarters were packed with a crowd of over 70 attendees that were in attendance to gain some knowledge about music behind the scenes. The event flowed smoothly with refreshments and musical performances by Amandi Music of ET. It’s safe to say that meetup attendees were entertained for the night and walked away with some more insight on music and technology. Cheers to a successful quarterly meetup with our partners KillerBoombox and Spotify Boston!